I have been working as Principal and Director (Acad.) at SBIT, Khammam for the last one year.  The movement I entered the campus of SBIT and took the charge the honour and the pleasure with which I was received was over whelming.  All my team consisting of civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science and MBA, Polytechnic staff were so cordial that I never felt a feeling of fish out of water.  I enjoyed at a homely atmosphere and encouraging environment.   I was cordially with confidence received by all my fellow teachers and staff.

The administrative block, examination branch, ministerial and other class-IV employees, all were cooperative and committed to their work.  Nobody has shown any sign of displeasure or disintegration towards the administration and management.  The notable, remarkable and appreciable concerned of our young dynamic Chairman was that “No teacher / staff should be starved because of monetary aspects”.  He has taken all the measures to exhibit his human touch towards the teachers. His only concern was spend your time and energies for the benefit of students who joined us with lot of confidence and belief.  Teach them, make them to read and write, conduct seminars and workshops and bring all the eminent personalities in and around from various fields of Technology and Business Administrations.  We were more concentrated on students centered activities and use to motivate the philosophy of making every student as a professional.  In continuation to this we want every student not only a professional but also employable.  With this Vision we could develop a Training and Placement Centre and conducted regular interviews with many companies who visited our campus.  We used to spend some time these companies and took so much of output and gave inputs to the Companies.  Sports and Games were also very much encouraged and we use to send our students to inter and intra sports events.  We also enjoyed very much when our students knocked down the prizes from other colleges and universities.  

There are regular meetings with HODs, Principal and many a times the Chairman himself used to conduct the meetings with all the HODs and Departments and took lot of interest to motivate the Staff.  We used to regularly supervise the classes from first year to final year and motivate the young and energetic students.   

During this academic year we have organized many seminars, exhibitions, etc.,  and the highlight of this year is that in collaboration with ISRO we have conducted an exhibition which was attracted by many distinguished dignitaries of Khammam District like Minister, Collector and SP and other management leaders and 15,000 citizens of Khammam have visited our campus.  A special room was enmarked in that ISRO exhibition as contributions of SBIT students where the creative and innovative projects were exhibited. All these activities which were curricular and extracurricular made us to spent a colorful life in the campus.  

Our Motto is to transform the talent and creativity of young engineers to converting them as technocrats of future India, imbibing the technological innovations and inventions which will have a greater impact on the Society.  In this process we are also enjoying our profession and leading comfortable life.