1 Students must wear ID s and show ID s before entering the library.
2 Every member has to sign in the daily gate register before entry
3 Strict silence has to be maintained inside the library and reference room.
4 Personal belongings such as handbags, overcoats, printed books of readers etc,are allowed to be taken inside but have to be kept in the Personal belongings rack at the entrance of the library.
5 Premises of the library shall be kept clean and students shall not indulge in gossip, sleeping, joking or any act, which causes disturbance to the Other Students.
6 Tracing, underlining and disfiguring of books are strictly forbidden.
7 Books shall be issued only on producing identity card.
8 Reference books like encyclopedia, directories, theses and dissertations etc., meant for consultation within the library, are not permitted for Lending for outside use.
9 In case of books lost by the borrowers, they have to either submit replacement copies or pay the cost to compensate the loss as per the Rules of the library.
10 The books should be returned to the library on or before the due date. An overdue charge of Rs.5/- will be charged for each day the book is Kept over time.
11 Non-members will only be permitted to make use of library with the Permission of the Director or the Principal.
12 Borrowers are responsible for every book taken by them and are Expected to pay for the book damaged, torn, defaced or lost.
13 No Dues certificates are issued to the students only when all the Books are returned and dues are cleared.
14 During the class hours, students are not permitted to sit in the library.
15 Students who breach or violate the rules shall forfeit their privilege of Admission into the library and borrowing books.