"The Examination branch is back bone of the Institution"

The Examination branch of the college is a confidential section with the responsibility of smooth conduct of examinations for all the courses and maintenance of student records etc.,

Functions of Examination Branch:-

Pre Examinations:-

    • Distribution of Academic Calendars, Internal Examination Schedules to the students.
    • Uploading Students Fortnight Attendance to the JNTUH.
    • Conduct of Internal Examinations according JNTUH and SBTET Norms.
    • Students Registrations for Regular and Supplementary Examinations. 
    • Download of Condonation and Detained Students list from JNTUH and display of the same in the Notice Board.
    • Display of External Lab Time Tables and Conduct of Lab Examinations.
    • Distribution of External Examination Schedules to the Departments and display of the same in the Notice Boards.
    • Issue of Hall Tickets to the Students.
    • Conduct of University End Examinations.

In Examinations:-

    • Preparation of Seating Plans, Upload of Exam D-forms, submission of bundles.

Post Examinations:-

    • Display of the Results Published by JNTUH in the Notice Boards and distribution of same to the Departments. 
    • Collection of Marks Memos, Provisional Certificates and Consolidated Marks Memos from JNTUH and distribute the same to the students.
    • Display of Re-Counting (RC) and Re-Valuation (RV) Schedules in Notice Boards.
    • Registrations for RC & RV.
    • Display of RC & RV results in the Notice Board and distribution of same to the Departments.
    • Collection of Memos from RC/RV benefited students, submission of the same to the University and collection of modified Memos from JNTUH and distribution to the students.
    • Resolving student Academic issues regarding promotion rules and other discrepancies like Name corrections on Memos etc.,

  • Certificate Verification of passed out students for their Employment-requested by the Verification Authorities.