Swarna Bharathi Institute of Science & Technology (SBIT) sponsored by Sri Swarna Bharathi Educational Society, founded on the noble principles of (S)incerity, (B)enevolence, (I)nnovation & (T)echno-savy, coupled with managerial expertise, have completed 17 years of glorious service in promoting quality and excellence in technical education. Equipped with dedicated and Benevolent Management with lofty ideals, the Institutions have been striving to synthesize Science & Technology for the well-being of student community and prepare highly qualified and well-trained personnel to meet the demands and challenges of the market forces. To establish and excel in the arena of education, aimed at preparing young Technosavvy engineers with practical knowledge in technology, by fortifying them with Innovative idea with the help of Sincere faculty members dedicated to their professional services, SBIT found its pinnacle slowly but steadily in a very short span of time and transformed into a brand name. It has not only grown as the most reputed and sought-after institutions on the horizons of Technical Education in the District of Khammam but also created an indelible mark among the institutions of higher learning in the State of Telangana.

Vision and Mission


To develop the Departments of the Institute into full-fledged centers of learning in various fields of Engineering through innovative pedagogical approaches, by incorporating cutting-edge technologies, making the institution, unique of its kind. To foster conscience, proficiency and competency among the students in pursuit of excellence in all disciplines of Engineering. To develop a sense of dignity and commitment among the students in order to attain complete personality and intellectual growth coupled with confidence building.


To disseminate holistic education among the students of the Departments through scholarly mentoring and integrated pedagogy for individual and professional excellence. To continuously improve teaching and learning processes for making a successful career either in industry or higher education in India or abroad. To diligently train the students to contribute to the technological growth of the nation through their research & innovative skills with a commitment to address the societal needs and to be globally employable professionals.