✤ PO's ✤

aUnderstanding business process and add value to it.
bConducting management research to identify the reasons for the problems and to find solutions.
cUtilizing modern approaches and best practices to manage organizations.
dUse authority and power to influence people to get the work done.
eUnderstand organizational dynamics and interpersonal relations.
fManaging change.
gDeveloping employability skills to get jobs.
hIncreasing the Entrepreneurial skills of the students.
iDemonstrating the broad education necessary to understand the impact of Management in Global, Environmental and societal context.
jDemonstrating the knowledge of Contemporary issues.

✤ PSO's ✤

1Should be able tp employ financial decision models to select appropriate projects for a business enterprise and manage firm growth through strategies such as mergers, acquisitions, international expansion, and new venture development.
2Should be able to formulate an integrative business project through the application of multidisciplinary knowledge comprising of accounting, finance, operations, management information system, marketing and human resources management.
3Should have the capability to comprehend the innovative pedagogies in the realm of Management and device the new strategies for meeting the emerging challenges in the Business.
4Should posses the skills to communicate in both oral and written forms, the work already done and the future plans with necessary road maps, demonstrating the practice of professional ethics and the concerns for societal and environmental wellbeing.