✤ PEO's ✤

The graduates will use the concrete foundation of Basic Sciences, Mathematics and Electronics Engineering to fit into any industry or to pursue higher studies.
The graduates will be able to apply their acquired skills for designing and implementation of technology in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering
The graduates will advance in their careers and continue their professional development with effective communication skills and team work.

✤ PSO's ✤

1Demonstrate principles of electronics, digital systems, microprocessors and signal processing in the field of consumer electronics, medical electronics and space craft electronics industry.
2Designing of variety of electronics & computer-based components and systems.
3Designing of variety of applications including signal processing, communications, computer networks, and control systems.
4Architect, partition, and select appropriate technologies for implementation of a specified wired and wireless communication system.

✤ PO's ✤

aAn ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering.
bShall be able to employ necessary techniques, hardware and software tools for modern engineering applications.
cShall be able to solve problems through analytical thinking.
dShall be able to follow and contribute to the developments in their own field, within realistic constraints such as economic, social, ethical, environmental and sustainability.
eShall be able to communicate effectively.
fWould have strong ethical and professional responsibility and adherence to quality.
gShould recognize the need for and an ability to engage in life-long learning.
hShould have a knowledge of contemporary issues.